Here are what some clients have to say about Bj.

“I first met BJ Jolley shortly after my retirement three years ago when 2 friends and I began a group training program. A year later, I began an individual program with BJ to focus on mobility, flexibility and balance. Both continue to this day. These sessions have very different objectives and occur in very different settings and environments. Despite that, I find BJ to always be focused on my objectives, ready to address short term concerns and determined to help me improve myself. She is always upbeat, makes working out a pleasant experience and is always interested in addressing a client’s needs wherever they may be. BJ works with people of all levels of capabilities and ages and helps each person to be successful in meeting their training needs and objectives.”

~ John

“Bj Jolley has made a huge difference in my life.  My first encounter with her was for personal training at the YMCA.  I had not exercised in many years and was very out of shape.  She quickly assessed my level of fitness and began a course of training that was just right for me. Since that time I have engaged her several more times as a personal trainer.  Each time she has challenged me to work hard and safe.  She always emphasizes the importance of correct form.  She chooses just the right exercise to address my physical needs. Her expertise and knowledge of physical fitness and her winning personality make her an outstanding teacher.  Her classes are challenging, informative and so worth my time.  She always gives alternatives to each exercise so that I am not overwhelmed.  She uses imagery to help her describe what the best form should be.  Bj is an excellent example of what we should all strive to achieve.”

~ Agnese

“I have always found that “word of mouth” is by far the best recommendation for so many things. So when my neighbor suggested we partner together with another neighbor, who happened to be a seasoned personal trainer, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I had never used a personal trainer before  –didn’t know if I would be comfortable with someone up close and personal with my body — didn’t know if I wanted to workout at 6:30 AM!!   But Bj put those feelings to rest immediately!  Her genuine caring, knowledge, and enthusiasm for helping me meet my goals trumped any concerns I may have had.

As the wife of a physically disabled husband, who requires  “hands-on” care, Bj assessed that improving my core strength was crucial to my well-being and our safety.  And I can honestly say, with her variety of personalized exercises, I am not only physically stronger today; I am more balanced mentally thanks to her fitness training.  She is certainly worth getting up for!!!”

~ Robyn

“Bj is passionate about fitness and helping others obtain their fitness goals.  She places a high value on correct form with each exercise.  While motivating me to push past my perceived limits, she is encouraging and positive.   I am stronger; feel better, and healthier because of my workouts with Bj.”

~ Tonya

“I was at a place in my life where I realized it was time to make my health & well being a priority.  I read a neighborhood email about Bj’s personal training sessions & immediately liked the idea of a smaller setting with more personal attention.  I felt even if I joined a gym, I would not know ‘how’ to work out with the right form.  I decided to give Bj a try!

My goal was to increase my strength, stamina, & to ‘tone up’.  Shortly after working with Bj, I learned I would be spending 1-½ months in Brazil for a business project. I became more determined to increase my fitness so I could take in all the outdoor sights, which included walking, climbing, & biking. Being one of the older members on the project team, I did not want to be limited by my age.  I have no doubt that I was able to enjoy my trip more fully due to the fitness level I achieved from working with Bj. She also helped me develop a workout routine to keep me ‘on track’ with my fitness while traveling!

When I first started with Bj, I could only do ONE pushup.  I now try to fit in 22 pushups into my daily routine.  Due to time constraints, I don’t always get it in, but I’ve come a long way from ONE!!

I had never worked out in a gym before so I had little knowledge of gym equipment such as treadmills, exercise balls, strength tubes, etc.  Bj helped me master these tools & feel confident using them. Just this week I told Bj  ‘ the more I use the TRX system, the more I realize it’s value.  I love it!’

Bj is great at giving you the right amount of pushing & encouragement. Receiving her ‘real time’ feedback motivates me to push harder! I would recommend Bj to anyone!”

~ Kathy