Personal Training Interview / Consultation

This first session includes client interview/discussion of client history form, PAR-Q, training policies, and fitness goals. Getting to know a client is vital in order to develop safe, effective and fun personal training sessions. Testing may include but not required: movement assessment, sit/reach test, 7 point measurement, 3 min step test, BMI, weight/hip ratio, functional reach, 30 second chair stand, goal setting.

$50/75 minute session

Personal Training Rates

Private Session: $40/55 min; $25/30 min

Partner Session (2 participants):  $50/55 min

Small Group

You create the group. BJ Jolley Fitness will create a challenging workout tailored to each person’s fitness level.

3 or more participants/$15 per person per 55 minute session.

Contact BJ to discuss your group’s specific goals.

Mobility Assessment $50/55

Session will include movement screening, instruction in  proper use of Self myofascial release tools and techniques  and written SMR program.

Clients with a known medical condition (i.e. cardiovascular, metabolic, pulmonary, orthopedic, etc) or currently on some medications may be asked to obtain medical clearance from a healthcare provider.  BJ Jolley Fitness reserves the right to request medical clearance.