There are two gifts we should give our is roots and the other is wings. Anonymous


I write to you as an official “empty nester”…the human babies have flown the coop but the fur babies insure I am never alone.

According to the Mayo clinic, empty nest syndrome isn’t a clinical diagnosis. It is a phenomenon in which a parent experiences feelings of sadness and loss when the last child leaves home.

My question is…what is the name of the phenomenon in which a parent dances in the streets because his/her children have developed into kind, hardworking, intelligent young adults who don’t bring home dirty laundry for Mom to wash?

Don’t get me wrong….I miss them E V E R Y day.

However, I chose to focus on the fact they are blessed with the health, intelligence and financial means to DREAM BIG!

Here are a few of my strategies to stay positive as I move into another season of my life:

1-I pray. I don’t use fancy words or words worth quoting…nope… I just talk to my Heavenly Father. I give thanks for my many blessings, ask for strength to be a light in this world and lift up others in prayer.

2-I invest in myself by participating in physical activities and new opportunities for learning that make ME happy and challenge me such as training for road race in a fun location, taking hot yoga classes and studying to obtain a nutrition certification.

3-I breath. Simply put… that means I give myself permission to snuggle with my 3 fur babies while wearing my pj’s and watching Netflix on Friday night.

What I am saying is you do YOU! Reconnect with old friends, adopt a fur baby, take an art class or run a marathon. Find your way to celebrate all new seasons in your life. Wrap yourself in joy and I know your world will open in ways never imagined!

Thanks for reading! I’m off to check my cell phone…I might have a text from a bird.