“Great things flow from a heart of gratitude.” 

 Andy StanleyHow to Be Rich: It’s Not What You Have. It’s What You Do With What You Have.

It’s all good!

As a Mom, business owner, cat concierge and fitness enthusiast, I find the saying ‘it’s all good’ to be indispensable in my life.

Is everyday honestly good? My unwavering answer is YES!

Just like you, I am pulled in a thousand directions. Just like you, my “to do list” never ends.

The dirty clothes patiently wait on the laundry floor, the cat food is almost gone (the unforgiveable sin), no bananas in the house, I need to send a check to school for a field trip, a friend needs a hug and my car is out of gas.  Shall we discuss my floors…. tufts of cat fur floating around (gasp!)….creating interesting tumbleweeds.

I sigh…write yet another “ to do” list on the back of a used envelope. Yep…this list I will conquer!

The list must wait.  The first and most important accomplishment of my day is to practice gratitude.  It is a practice that I have actively cultivated for several years.  Cultivated? Yes.  Nurturing this practice is vital to me being the best me.

My google search for how to practice gratitude resulted in 6,180,000 results.  Obviously, experts abound in this area. Some offer productive, common sense suggestions. I think the key to developing any successful habit is finding what works for you!

I would like to share a few strategies that have helped me.


Give thanks. I am blessed beyond measure. I strive to thank God for the good, the bad and the ugly (spaghetti western anyone?). But seriously, I am thankful for no bananas in the house……because I have a house.


Always, always find the rainbow. By that I mean, take a breath and embrace your situation. Some days I only feel grateful that I did not step in the cat vomit. The cat vomit….it was on the hardwood floor not my rug. It is a good day!


Be the light. Matthew 5:16 reads “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Everyone has the gift of light. Learn what your light is and share it with the world.

Thanks for reading. I’m off to fill a cat food bowl!